Security Advice International

We do not sell products.... we sell knowledge !

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Consultancy and Advice on Security Solutions
Developing Innovative Strategies Achieve SECURITY


SAI’s primary goal is to provide customers with advice or solutions on how technology can be applied in security concepts in access control. SAI strongly believes in “connecting the dots”. That means that security software should be able to correlate a range of sensors to get a near real time operational picture. “What the hell is going on !”


SAI aim's at five areas of interest related to access control:


  1. Border security (country access security at border posts)

  2. Airport Landside security (access security at delivery roads)

  3. Event security (access control at ad-hoc events like big conferences (G20 or festivals)

  4. Building security (access control for hotels, private houses, government buildings)

  5. Community APP's and Training



SAI works with "Trusted Partners" on the suppliers site and on the client site it can be Government, Policeforces, Local Policeforces, SME, security companies en private security.