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Security Advice International

We sell knowledge .... not products !

Research,Consultancy and Advice on Security Solutions


SAI’s primary goal is to provide customers with advice or solutions on how technology can be applied in security concepts in access control. SAI strongly believes in “connecting the dots”. That means that security software should be able to correlate a range of sensors to get a near real time operational picture. “What the hell is going on !”


Security Advice International delivers several services:

1)  We can do a security scan with an advice for solutions.

2) We can be hired as a consultant / Strategic Advisor.

3) we can mediate for the customer with other partners or suppliers on projects.

4) We can do project management

5) We can do research on topics in the security / law enforcement area.



SAI works with "Trusted Partners" on the suppliers site and on the client site it can be Government, Policeforces, Local Policeforces, SME, security companies en private security. 


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