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Watchlist Alerting

An automated watchlist alerting system that identifies persons of interest and their contact history in real-time and historically while protecting the identity of bystanders.


Seamless integration with any camera in any location

Designed to enhance your privacy protection

0.1% false alarms & 0.2ms detection speed

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Tactical Facial Recognition

A tactical facial recognition application for Android smartphones that protects law enforcement and military personnel by connecting to existing body cameras and analyzing video streams in real time using on-the-go Recognition AI technology to identify persons of interest such as criminals, dangerous individuals, or missing children.


Requires no WiFi and operates completely on the Edge

Protects officers by recognizing persons of interest (Most Wanted)

Sends immediate alerts to police officers

Connects to WiFI/USB cameras, AR glasses, and other body cameras

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Touchless Access Control

A touchless access control solution that uses facial recognition to open guarded points of entry for authorized people, which improves safety from the outside in.

Allows visitors to access your facility smoothly

Manages access authorization and prevents delays

Stops spoofing with liveness verification

Integrates with Access Control systems and hardware

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