The Fortify Client provides multiple use-cases including:


● 1:1 facial recognition for identity authentication (biometric control)

● N:N matching of persons of interest in crowded environments

● Monitoring secure areas with authorized personnel

● Easy enrollment of persons of interest from detection in live camera stream

● Bulk enrollment from album of images

● Privacy Compatibility with signature-based recognition

● Review hours of video footage in minutes to find all facial appearances

● Automatic quality enhancement of history records with new detections

● Detection and alarm on persons not wearing COVID-19 facial masks

● Search in history records to find all appearances of a person

● Swift comparison of facial images with recorded similarity score


  • Fortify Thermal Camera Integration can identify thebody temperature of individuals in a large crowd.

  • The system generates an alert to block the possibly infected person from entering the premises.

  • Simultaneously, Fortify records their face in a special time-lapse database.

  • Over the course of the next 24 - 48 hours (user configurable) the system will identify the infected person every time they try to re-enter the facility, even if their body temperature now registers in the normal range.

  • Once the preset time has elapsed, that person will no longer be on the “suspected infections threat” database and will be able to enter at will.


● 1:1 facial recognition used for identity authentication (biometric control)
● N:N matching of persons of interest against multiple watchlists (crowd monitoring)
● Analyze multiple live streams in parallel with optimization for processing in large crowds
● Get alerts instantly with visual alarm and localization of appearance information
● Receive real-time analytics on total appearances and matches
● Privacy compatibility - providing the tools for adhering to regional privacy guidelines
○ All unknown faces detected on the video display are automatically blurred
○ Only for faces matched to a watchlist will the image be displayed and saved in
   history records
○ Unknown faces will not be displayed or saved both locally and in history records
● Detection and alarm on persons not wearing COVID-19 facial masks


● Bulk import videos and accelerate video investigations by more than 15x speed
● Rapidly pinpoint people of interest with timestamp of appearance in video
● Utilize analyzed video to create high quality facial records for watchlist enrollment
● Privacy Compatibility
○ Easily identify and record relevant appearances while protecting the privacy of


● Manage different list types with different severity levels: Authorized list, VIPs, Suspects
● Easily enroll images from camera or video detection and immediately begin tracking
● Single face image required for enrollment with ability to add additional images to profile
● Bulk import and enrollment of photo albums into watchlists
● Automatic checking and notification of duplicate profiles during enrollment
● Privacy compatibility
○ Enroll POIs with binary facial signatures - removing the need to use and store
   actual images in the database


● Search with an image to find all matched appearances with similarity score
● Search a camera or watchlist to find all relevant appearances
● Search with a timeframe to see all appearances ordered sequentially
● Search by a name to find all recorded appearances of the enrolled person of interest
● Find all previous appearances of a person of interest, even before enrollment into the
● Obtain analytics of total appearances, unique persons and watchlist matches for every
● Privacy compatibility
○ Search enrolled persons without an image using just their unique binary
signature to find all relevant appearances


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