Security Systems Integration

FOLGAT is the security system integrator focused on access control, X-ray search and trace detection, radar and video surveillance, building automation, system design, installation and support for the purpose of critical infrastructure protection.

FOLGAT is a  German based company and has representatives in the Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia.

Some product examples where they work together with SAI:

  • SecureOne UVISCAN

  • PANOMERA Multi sensor camera

  • Airborne Drone Matrice 600 PRO

  • Face identification CUBE and GATE

  • Portable IMSI catcher

  • Drone training (Intecs)

  • Cellebrite Digital Intelligence

  • Rohde&Schwartz Detection Gates

  • ZK-teco Body temperature devices

They are a system integrator for several security solutions and work together wit SAI for the Baltics and Nordics.

cellebrite total.jpg