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Secure and Critical Communications

exclusively available for Police / Military / First responders and Governments.

*Real time sharing of video & audio

*Real time Position Reports of team members, vehicles etc. (Red & Blue Force)

*Instant messaging

*Secure platform (both cloud and private server options available)

*Enhanced situational awareness

*Integration of various tracking solutions and external cameras.

*And much more.....

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Capability Development
Policing & Law Enforcement

  • Development, testing and cementing of an improved covert method of entry capability for a police surveillance unit.

  • Delivery of a total of 4 weeks dedicated vehicle tracking, targeting and location training, including special modules on covert access and a custom monitoring and reporting exercise, for a regional police unit.

  • Long-term contracted delivery of consulting services based on cadenced reporting and monthly client visits to discuss novel equipment on the market and provide an outsourced trials and evaluation capability.

  • Two levels of covert audio/video installation training, with corresponding deployment exercises to refresh and consolidate target exploitations skills.

  • Mobile surveillance and reporting/cueing training course for a counter-narcotics unit, culminating in a test exercise (integrating Command and Control elements).


Specialist Training and Consulting Services

Realistic, challenging, operationally focused training and capability development for specialist and multi-functional small teams, delivered at the Providence Training Academy or at locations selected by clients.

Research, Development, and Technical Delivery

Relevant, insightful advice from subject matter experts conducting dedicated trials and evaluations, R&D, advanced technique development and market analysis on behalf of clients.

Product and System Procurement

Specialist equipment, tactical kits and best of breed products with integrated training packages, to deliver unparalleled operational effectiveness and evidence-grade outputs.

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