Virtual Surveillance Assistent

StudioAutomated is a start-up initiated by the research of the Dutch research institute TNO. They delevoped a product based on Artificial Intelligence that can learn what the normal footage of a camera has to be and will alert the operator only if there is something out of the ordinairy (outlier technologie). It is called Virtual Surveillance Assistent (VSA). With this a operator only has to watch the footage coming from the VSA into the Video Management System. Also looking back into video images can be much quicker , not only for incidents but also for Business Intelligence. (like: which roads are used the most on our premises).

Follow the link for the relevant targetgroups for VSA:

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Launching customers

We are looking for launching customers. If you are interested please contact us at : and look at the website


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Security Advice International is the business developer for StudioAutomated