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Virtual Surveillance Assistent

StudioAutomated is a start-up initiated by the research of the Dutch research institute TNO. They delevoped a product based on Artificial Intelligence that can learn what the normal footage of a camera has to be and will alert the operator only if there is something out of the ordinairy (outlier technologie). It is called Virtual Surveillance Assistent (VSA). With this a operator only has to watch the footage coming from the VSA into the Video Management System. Also looking back into video images can be much quicker , not only for incidents but also for Business Intelligence. (like: which roads are used the most on our premises).

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Studio Automated Safety and Health BV is one of the price winnars of the AZENA Challenge 2021 with the VSA Application.
Look into the AZENA Store.

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StudioAutomated entered the Challenge 2021 from Security & Safety Things, now rebranded to AZENA. We developed a generic AI Application that can be downloaden from the S&ST Store and placed in their "on edge" cameras. In this way you can bypass expensive server solutions and have the data straight in your VMS or seperate dashboard. The Application called Virtual Surveillance Assistant is a generic APP for detection anomalies at tribunes of statiums and entertainment venues. The App can be adjusted to specific use cases. Call us if you are interested.

Follow the link for the relevant targetgroups for VSA:

Launching customers

We are looking for launching customers. If you are interested please contact us at : and look at the website


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Security Advice International is the Strategic Advisor for StudioAutomated

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