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SAI ensures that the consultation given is based on realistic, reliable, and available technology existing today, or is based on available “commercial of the shelve” products or systems, implemented in the way how it is requested and expected in terms of performance by our clients. According to SAI, this is only achieved in close cooperation with suppliers and contractors that we know well and with excellent knowledge of the products and capabilities of these companies and provided systems. If asked for, SAI will only recommend products and/or brands that are required to meet or exceed the safety or security requests of our clients. The bilateral cooperation between SAI and its Trusted Partners is all about an open and transparent exchange of technologies and capabilities and being honest about their boundaries too.

Criteria for the Trusted Partners we cooperate with:


  1. SAI has a clear insight in the company, the available portfolio and their expertise, having a single point of contact on each discipline. This ensures a fast feedback to any request from our clients.

  2. SAI and their clients must be able to study and evaluate the specifications of the product(s) and will thereby maintain company confidentiality with its Trusted Partners, if required.

  3. SAI will always consult its clients in an honest way, with regards to the solution and feasibility of specifications of a product, interface, partial system or an end to end solution. Also if this includes systems integration, upgrades and future expansion capabilities.

  4. If the know-how, innovations and / or portfolio expansion of  the Trusted Partner requires, the supplier will be visited or consulted on a regular basis. Joint presentations can be arranged to involve our clients in the innovations, which will be available within a realistic time frame.

  5. Depending on the security requirements of the client and the subsequent advice, SAI will recommend products from Trusted Partners if these will fit well in the requested solution.

  6. The Trusted Partner’s products, systems or solutions should have been proven in similar solutions, or can be evaluated for a certain period of time in order to properly proof the concept for the requested solution. Reliability, accuracy and Total Cost of Ownership are key performance indicators, where relevant.

  7. SAI will provide consultancy, but not any installation or commissioning work, nor project management**. Selected Trusted Partner parties will be available, or preferred suppliers of the client may realise and maintain the solution, where SAI could consult as well in the selection process.

  8. SAI takes no liability for the products, systems or software of the Trusted Partner, as that is available from our Trusted Partners directly. They have to deliver and prove to have a proper warranty and support service in the selection process towards a Trusted Partner status already.

  9. SAI will have no stakes, any partial ownership or other business interests in our Trusted Partners, in order to maintain an objective preferred supplier selection and monitoring process over time.

** In consultation, project management can be carried out related to a given advice at an hourly rate of €100,00 per hour excluding VAT and excluding travel and accommodation costs.

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