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SAI and JPSC deliver several services:

1)  We can do a security scan with advice for solutions.

On request of the customer we will do a paid security scan on the case of interest and will give advice and/or solution direction. Based on his knowledge of the products and relationships with multiple manufacturers working in the areas listed below. SAI will only work with “Trusted Partners”. That is why we have a deep knowledge of the products of multiple companies. 

2) We can be hired as a consultant / Strategic advisors.

We can make strategic white papers to launch new products for (startup) companies. Make Approach Plans and give general advice on positioning products in the security/law enforcement area. In this role, it is also possible to hire us for an exhibition as a "booth crew" on certain subjects.  

3) we can mediate for the customer with other partners or suppliers on projects.

Because we have a great network in the security and law-enforcement community worldwide we can mediate for clients in this network.

4) We can do project management.

We can be hired to run a project as a project manager in the related areas of Security and Law  Enforcement.

5) We can do research on topics in the security / law enforcement area.

If there are questions about the approach of companies within security or law enforcement, research can be done to find out whitch approach will be the best way to move forward.

That means that we do not sell products. We act as mediators/consultants ("hired help") for the customer and will only recommend suitable solutions.


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