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Our primary goal is to provide customers with advice or solutions on how technology can be applied in security concepts to enhance Law Enforcement and Public Safety. We strongly believes in “connecting the dots”. That means that security software should be able to correlate a range of sensors to get a near real-time operational picture. “What the hell is going on !” Beside this the users (human factor) haved to be trained to understand the value of the technology. The founder of SAI has extensive experience as he was the National Projectmanager ALPR and the driving force behind the National Sensing Field Lab of the Dutch National Police and has 46 years of experience in Law Enforcement. On request of the customer we will do a security scan on the case of interest and will give advice and/or a solution direction. Based on his knowledge of the products and relationships with multiple manufacturers.







To explain the correlation of data and information we uses the OODALOOP.  OBSERVE, ORIENT, DECIDE and ACT.

Where a several number of different sensors and other dataresources (like social media or criminal records) are OBSERVING and are used as input, there must be made some sense in these data. Thats why there must be an ORIENTATION on this data. This orientation is made by Artificial Intelligence (which can also be build in into the sensors), Correlation (algorithms) and Unification of systems. In this case data will be transformed to Information and Knowledge. Decision supporting software and a "Man in the middle" will have to DECIDE (based on Business Rules)  what to do with the presented Intelligence which will result in a ACTION. The Action on its own gives new input : the LOOP. It should result in shortening the response time on incidents ( like shown in the model under)

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