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Delivered Projects

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VSA adaption for the S&ST Platform (2021)

As Strategic Advisor of Studio Automated we were involved in the development of an Application for the Store of Security & Safety Things. A spin-off from Bosch GmbH. This as a direct result of the Challenge 2021 of S&ST. The Application is able to be used directly in de camera's that uses the S&ST operating system. So called "on edge" computing. In this way Artificial Intelligence makes relevant information of video footage and send this directly ( no expensive server systems) to the VMS of the client. The Application is operational from 28th of july 2021.


Under Vehicle Scan with Gamma radiation  detection (2019-2020)

In this periode we were involved to develop together with Secure One a addition to their existing under vehicle scanner: the Gamma radiation detection. Very usefull to detect traces of a dirty bomb in a vehicle 

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Approach Plan 
Dutch Municipality (2020)

On request of the teamleader Enforcement of a medium-size city in the Netherlands, Security Advice International wrote a approach plan on how to connect AI generated data to a Decision Support System and bring this information to the enforcers on the streets based on location and relevancy

Virtual Surveillance Assistant (2020-2021)
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On request of the owners of Studio-Automated in the Netherlands, Security Advice International took the position of Business developer / advisor for a new product called the Virtual Surveillance Assistant (VSA). This Artificial software plug-in can be used at Video Management Systems to make sure the operators only get to see relevant footage based on suspicious behavior. At this way operators see more and miss less

Sensing Field Lab (2017 - 2019)

At the end of the ANPR project we developed a National Field Lab Sensing in cooperation with the University of Eindhoven . Goal of the fieldlab is to test en develop solutions to correlate data from several sensors based on profiles to speed up the response of the police on incidents. It was an operational enviroment based on his thesis at the University of Delft in 2011. This field lab is still going on after hias retirement.  (See movie in Dutch from the Dutch NPO television)

Dutch National ANPR  (2013-2018)

In 2013 the we took over the National ANPR Project of the Dutch National Police. The existing program had failed. In 2016 we delivered a nationwide ANPR system with 15.000 users and about 1500 fixed cameras and 200 ANPR police cars. Also a mobile APP has been delivered where police officers get ANPR alerts based on their area of interest and there geographical location. The results to fight crime are very good.

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COMPRONET  (2009-2013)

A groundbraking development from 2010-2012 of an application and backoffice to provide police-participation within the community. Together with the citizens the police, firebrigade, medical staff could participate based on alerts from the public. There have been 5 pilots, 4 in a major city and 1 on Schiphol which have been very succesvol. Because of the liability issue the National Police did not want it to be operational. On this moment in the Netherlands there is a big debate going on if there must be a application like this.

Blue Light Car (2007-2009)

A project of the regional Police Groningen (NL) in 2007 - 2009  related to the project Wireless Groningen of the Municipality. All kind of new technologies where used within a policecar , like Speeding detection, ANPR, seamless connections over 3G and Wireless, automated blue lights etc. 

PDA Alert (2006-2008)

A project with the Dutch National police which gave policeofficers relevant information about the enviroment where they where. Based on GPS position and role. Also positions of fellow officers where projected. For this project the owner of SAI got the National Police Innovation Award 2007 and the Excellent in Technology Award from the IACP. Both P-info and PDA Alert where implemented in the solutions of MEOS. 

P-info (2004-2006)

Police information (P-info) was one of the first mobile applications at the Dutch Police. Already operational in 2006 it combined the searchquestion with several databases. This start grew out  till the MEOS (More Efficient On the Street) application wich is still in use at the Dutch Police today.

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