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The Gatekeeper ANPR series capture license plates at short range and at longer distances, at high noon or while pitch dark. Computational strength and high quality sensors guarantee fast and highly accurate recognition for both fast moving and stationary traffic. Our computer vision integration platform turns a Gatekeeper into an embedded ANPR device integratable with third-party systems.  No matter the demands, the Gatekeeper series provide a model that meets the requirements.

Deep Learning

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With the use of accurate video content analysis, CortexCloud provides all possible types of recognition and detection in the cloud. Whether ANPR, people detection, people counting or object detection is needed, CortexCloud makes detection and recognition cost-effective since it uses existing camera systems and there is no longer the need to invest in local servers.
Detection in the cloud

Due to the evolution of video content analysis, the time of estimations has passed. By using detection in the cloud, it is now possible to monitor traffic, people and objects on either a permanent or temporary basis. These accurate analyses can improve facilities, but they can also offer valuable input for security and marketing strategies.

CortexCloud offers AVUTEC’s computer vision platform CortexFramework in the cloud. It comes with a standard computer vision solution, such as people counting, but it is also possible to build a personalized solution. Since CortexCloud uses existing IP camera systems, this service is accessible and affordable for every situation.

Online dashboard

The optional online dashboard of CortexCloud provides a real-time overview of the active detection in the cloud, making it easier to act accordingly. In addition, it shows graphics and statistical reports to give a clear insight in for instance peak hours. The dashboard is customizable to suit all needs, and since it is offered in a browser, it can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

All the acquired detection data can be exported to MS Excel or PDF to provide information for an evaluation or to plan future marketing strategies.

Video content analysis and data mining

Deep learning, machine learning and computer vision technologies are conquering the world by storm. We can now heat up our house from a distance, are introduced to new movies or music based on our previous choices and soon autonomous driving cars might be ordinary.

Since smart technologies are essential for companies to keep up in a world of constant progress,  AVUTEC developed ready-made recognition modules and offers deep learning consultancy to develop custom video analysis routines, that understand and predict visual input. Besides video analysis we offer data mining routines, that structure and sort out recognition data to trace insightfull patterns. Insights that can be used in data-driven business strategies, forecasting and decision making. These services fit any organization, that has innovative ideas and wants to use the skills of a dedicated company.

The Gatekeeper as an AI device

Deep learning models require a vast amount of processing power. AVUTEC rounds the circle to a final and successful deployment. We optimize networks and algorithms to work with embedded hardware and have developed an deep learning camera system, stacked with processing power to achieve the best performance.
AVUTEC delivers not only a full-grown Computer Vision platform, our embedded AI camera system completes our portfolio with a highly integrated, edge computing IoT computer vision sensor, the Gatekeeper.

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